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Roy_Riza_Hug_Ep 59
Brother and sister bickering, a life-long promise... and a pair of rings.

Title: 4.0.5 Family business and playing house
Author/Artist: amestris_star  & auron_kale 
Rating: Contains reference to adult content
Warnings: Alternate Reality (i.e. Maes is still alive; Jean is up and running...) and 101% PURE ROYAI
Summary: Day to day office running of the Colonel and the Lieutenant leads to more than they had originally thought about...
(NB: Disclaimer and Authors' Note under the cut!)

A big thank you to Kale once again *hugs* Love ya ;)


Disclaimer – Me and Kale don’t own neither Roy, nor Riza, nor the Roy-tachi, nor anyone of the Cow Goddess’ characters or plot, however these drabbles, fics, thoughts, works, and the story in and behind them is ours to treasure.  Hope you all enjoy!


Authors’ Note: These works are written in script-like prose on purpose… they are intended for the reader to interpret as a play…


(inside the room)

Roy: *listens to the shuffling of movement. Crawls out from under the bed, unlocks the door quickly, and dives back underneath* Under the bed Ri…


Riza: *enters the room, shuts the door quickly, and stands at the foot of the bed* I'm going to wait for you till you get out here Mister. There's no one except me now... *grins*


Roy: *crawls out from under the bed, with a sheepish grin on his face. Hair is damp from sweat and his clothing is streaked with dirt, grass, and dust* Alright, you've caught me... Mind if I go take a shower? I'll meet up with you downstairs...or would you rather join me? *waggles eyebrows suggestively*


Riza: *laughs* No, just... don't take long. *smiles* They're waiting for you downstairs... I'll wait for you here if you want.


Roy: *pouts slightly but proceeds to rummage through his dresser* Ruin my fun why don't you...and yeah, I guess you can stay here... Hmm... *fishes out a pair of boxers and some socks from the dresser. Goes to closet to see all of his polo shirts and slacks missing* Shoot - I think all of my good shirts and pants are being washed...


Riza: Don't you dare put on a purple shirt Roy! *laughs and watches Roy bustle about the room* Listen, you want me to get you something from your bag in the car?


Roy: *digs through dresser and pulls out a pair of gray, flat front shorts & a navy t-shirt* Guess this'll have to do... *drops socks on the bed and pulls out some flip-flops from the closet* I came here in business casual and I'm leaving in absolutely causal clothing...*laughs* No Dear, I'm good.  I'm pretty sure my clothes will be done being cleaned by the end of the evening.  Besides, I rarely get to wear casual clothes - I usually just wear them on the weekends...


Riza: Mmmh... *is still watching him look for clothes* Maybe I can find you something... not... the flip-flops... *grins* Really though, I can't see you in shorts... *raises eyebrow and stifles a laugh* Sorry. *laughs lightly*


Roy: *looks down* Yes, I know I'm skinny and need to rub it in...but the only other pants that I have right now are pajama bottoms. No need for you or me to grab the clothes from the car if it's just a family dinner - and I normally wear shorts around here anyways...


Riza: Well, I'm in an evening dress and you're in a pair of shorts... just…perfect *bursts out laughing* And...I haven't said anything about you being skinny and pale you know. *smiles* Plus, I don't want to see you running about here in pajamas... *grins*


Roy: *grins* Then take it off! I think you'd look great in a pair of Capri pants and I know that you own a fair share of t-shirts...besides, we're here to relax. Think about it - I'll be in the shower. *grabs boxers and shorts and walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him*


Riza: What? *looks at him as he closes the bathroom door* Better not Roy, I don't have high-collared shirts here... *lies down, face up on bed*


Roy: *opens the bathroom door fifteen minutes later, wearing boxers and the shorts. Looks over at the bed to see Riza laying on top of the blanket - as well as the t-shirt. Grins and laughs before pouncing on top of the bed and Riza* Someone's relaxed...


Riza: *smiles* Yes, and still in an evening dress. Oh wait — I know that some weird idea has passed through your brainwaves now — just forget it... *laughs* And don't look at me that way, I know you did. Put on the shirt, we'd better head downstairs now...


Roy: *leans down so that their noses are slightly touching* I would if I could, but I can't... *lightly rests on top of her while whispering into her ear* ...because you're currently lying on top of my shirt...


Riza: *starts blushing* Oh shoot! I really hadn't realized — I was thinking about something and didn't see it I suppose, now... if you let me get up maybe you can put it on... Roy...move! *laughs*


Roy: *laughs* I will, just give me a second... *leans in for a kiss before crawling off Riza* Can I have my shirt now? Please?


Riza: *smiles and kisses back, then gets off bed and goes next to the door* Shirt's all yours. I'll wait for you here while you finish up.


Roy: *pulls on shirt while still grinning* Thinking about something, eh? Care to enlighten me, Lieutenant?


Riza: *still standing by the door, arms crossed on her chest, still blushing* I wasn't thinking about anything Sir... it's all about you making assumptions.


Roy: *decides to forego the flip-flops and just walk around barefoot* Me? I'm doing nothing of the're the one doing the implying, Lieutenant. *smirks* After all, I just wanted my shirt... Now let's go...I've seemed to have worked up an appetite... *stomach growls loudly*


Riza: *blushes even more due to his words, muttering to herself* Well, whatever, if you say so... I wasn't thinking of anything anyway... *starts making her way downstairs before him*


Roy: *follows Riza while laughing* If you weren't thinking anything... *places hand on her elbow to stop her before leaning down to whisper in her ear* ...then why are you still blushing, hmm? *squeezes past her to slide down the remainder of the banister and trots into the dining room*


Riza: Grrr...why you... *follows him running down the stairs* Roy come back here!



Vanessa: *hears some rumbling footsteps, followed by Riza shouting some words* Oh, they're back... actually they took even more time than before...


Camille: Ness dear, they need their time for you-know-what...


Vanessa: ARGH! Not again, ah well it was in Roy's room... *grins evilly looking at Riza*


Riza: Wha... *gasps*


Roy: *looks at his sisters, then at Riza's expression and then back at his sisters before laughing out loud* Oh man, you guys jump to conclusions way too easily sometimes...


Vanessa and Camille: *burst out laughing*


Chris: Now you three, will you quit picking on Elizabeth-chan and settle down so we can have dinner? Taro's helping me out in the kitchen. *grins*


Roy: Moommm...I'm not doing anything... *points and pouts* They're the ones doing all the 'picking on'... *walks over to his sisters and kisses them on their cheeks* I've been totally innocent this entire time...not my fault Ness can't take a joke about me and Riza messing around in her room...


Riza: *smiles*


Vanessa: Idiot, you did it on purpose. *sticks tongue out at him before swatting his bottom*


Camille: *gets up from the table* I'll go help Taro... and don't worry mom I'm fine. *smiles and goes in the kitchen*


Chris: Ok dear... so, calmed down now? *grins and looks at the three at the table*


Roy: *pulls out the chair for Riza before sliding into the chair in between Vanessa and Riza* You taught me well on how to push other people's buttons. It's only fitting that I turn the tables on nyaah. *sticks tongue out at Vanessa* Besides, say we hypothetically did mess around on your bed, what exactly would you do upon finding out? *gives Vanessa an innocent grin while Riza struggles not to laugh at Roy's antics*


Riza: *covers her mouth trying not to burst out laughing, especially not to make Vanessa angry*


Vanessa: I'd dump the bedsheets in your room for you to wash... and make you buy me new ones. And...  ARGH! You're making me think about that again! MOM! *looks at her mother*


Chris: *laughs* You're all still kids when it comes to this...


Roy: *leans over to Riza to whisper something in her ear* I'm gonna make her squirm even more - just look innocent... *gives Vanessa an innocent look* Well, then it's a good thing that your room is next to you'll have the pleasure of hearing us. Hope you have your earplugs handy...


Riza: *raises an eyebrow and grins slightly, nodding at the same time*


Vanessa: YOU WANT TO... WHAT?! Hey, no no no, no way I want to sleep tonight! Damn you, grrrrr... MOM!


Chris: *stares at them, trying not to burst out laughing*


Vanessa: RIZA SAY SOMETHING! *whines*


Roy: What Ness? I'm old enough to make my own decisions, especially when it comes to my love life. And as it stands, I believe I'm old enough and mature enough to sleep with Riza. Besides...I had to put up with you and your boyfriends over the years...turnabout is fair play, I think.

*continues to stare at Vanessa while trying not to completely burst out laughing at his older sister's reaction*


Riza: *hears what Roy says and blushes slightly, without commenting*


Vanessa: WHAT?! SHUT UP ABOUT MY BOYFRIENDS, WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! BESIDES... I've gone out with you a couple of times as a bluff to cover up your situation... so at least be damn grateful! And quit, picking on me on my boyfriends!


Roy: *starts cracking up while patting Vanessa's shoulder* Oh my God Ness, you're absolutely hysterical at times... *throws an arm around her shoulders and gives her a kiss on the cheek* And I'm grateful for all the times you've covered for me while dropping information, really I am. You're just a bit too high-strung sometimes.


Vanessa: *sighs as Roy kisses her* Well, you took me out in quite some lovely places so... I forgive you... *grins* But don't you dare do something like that next to my room. *glares at Riza*


Camille: Now now. *enters the dining room with Taro, holding the dishes* Forget about everything, dinner is served. *grins*


Roy: *is about to respond, but stops once the food's placed in front of him* Yay! Food!


Riza: *observes his reaction at the food and bursts out laughing* Then you comment on Breda's

reactions at work... *smiles as Taro places the dishes in front of her* Thank you.


Camille: Enjoy it. *grins* Ness, calmed down now?


Vanessa: Yeah. *pouts*


Roy: Well, I've worked up quite the appetite after all the time I've spent with you - not to mention all the running I've done to escape from my harpy of an older sister. *grins at both Vanessa and Riza before reaching for the bowl of salad* Besides, Breda's always eating at any given time...


Riza & Vanessa: *both glare at him at the same time and start eating without commenting*


Chris: So, Roy-boy, any plans for the coming days? I think I heard you say something about having clothes in the car... vacation?


Roy: *wisely ignores the looks while keeping his eyes on Madame Christmas* Not quite Mom. Maes and Gracia are taking a holiday in Resembool, so they managed to rope Riza and I into not only babysitting Elysia but to also housesit for the week. We packed our bags because it's easier than having to stop back at home to grab stuff and then go back to the Hughes' place.


Chris: Mmm... so you're going to live together for a week... *smirks* You know what I think about this, do you Roy? GET MARRIED ALREADY! *laughs*


Vanessa: *grins evilly* About time he did...


Camille & Taro: *nod in approval*


Roy: *drops fork and starts turning pink* ...It's not what you think... Also you guys suck...


Riza: *notices that he's actually blushing and grins, then moves to give him a kiss on his cheek, then whispers*  — So at least it's not just me who gets embarrassed you know – *smiles*


Chris: WE'RE JOKING KID! I'll be happy with whatever you do, so... *smiles* I wouldn't mind becoming a grandma but... *grins*


Vanessa, Camille and Taro: *continue eating*


Roy: *grins at Riza and whispers to her* Told you. I have to put up with this every time I'm here...consider yourself lucky. *kisses her on the corner of her mouth before facing Madame Christmas* Yeah, yeah...there you go again on the grandkid tangent... And why is it always me that gets the 'grandkid' lecture? Why don't you ever bug Ness or Cammy about it, hmm?


Riza: *winks back at him*


Chris: At least Camille will be contributing to that noble cause soon. *laughs* Moreover dear, how old is Elizabeth-chan? Twenty-seven?


Riza: *nods*


Chris: And Roy you're thirty... *glares at him* You know that women have a biological clock you know... I bugged Taro well enough I suppose. *laughs*


Taro: Like crazy... *continues eating*


Riza: *stifles a laugh*


Vanessa: *looks at Roy with an evil grin*


Roy: *slightly shocked at Madame Christmas’ words* Wow...I think this is the first time that I've been mistaken to be older than I really am — THANKS MOM! Still twenty-nine Mom and I can't believe that you forgot your own kid's birthday...and Riza's gonna be twenty-eight in three weeks... Either way, yes we are in our prime to have kids. And besides, it'd be kinda obvious if Riza and I had a kid... Come to think of it... I think there's an office-wide pool that's currently betting on when we'll get married and another one betting on when I knock Riza up…


Chris: *surprised at her son’s outburst, but realizes that he’s right about his age* What?! I got my little boy’s birthday wrong? *laughs* So at least you admit that I'm right about that... anyway, not to bother you more about this... dessert? *grins*


Vanessa: Perfect! And birthday in three weeks?! That calls for a special something... mmmh...


Taro: I'll go get dessert... you stay here dear. *winks at Camille*


Riza: *stares at Roy, wide-eyed* Wait... THERE'S WHAT AT THE OFFICE?! You hadn't told me about that you know. *eyes narrow into slits*


Roy: *gulps slightly* You didn't know about it? I thought you knew as Rebecca was the one who told me about the marriage pot — apparently your grandfather's been betting significantly...while I overheard the 'knocked-up' pot from Maria, Denny & Maes talking about it... And Mom, I never denied that I haven't thought about kids...just needed to find that someone to have the kids with…


*The other four adults just simply watch silently as both Riza and Roy exchange words*


Roy: *gets up from table and gently pulls Riza from her chair* Give us a bit...and make sure to have the first aid kit handy...and maybe a towel or two. *leads Riza out the door to the backyard and walks them over to Roy's tree.* No One told you? Seriously?!


Riza: *looks away* What the hell?! No, no one told me... probably because they would know that the 1st Lieutenant would get pissed off and seriously kill someone for that. Is this some kind of sick joke?! What if someone not on our side gets to know about it? Are you aware how damn dangerous this is?! What do they know anyway?! If they think that's funny, I don't. I don't know what the hell's funny about something like that Roy... *regains her breath after the rant* It's not like it's a freaking game!!


Roy: *pulls her into a tight hug* I know Baby, I know. I practically tore Maes' head off when he told me about the for Rebecca, I don't really have a lot of leverage, since it's your grandfather and all...


Riza: I can play along, just like I did a couple of hours ago... but because it served as a cover up, that's all... that's the only kind of light situation I can accept... *still looking away*


Roy: *chuckles quietly* I told you that everyone's conspiring against us... *leans forehead against hers* I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner - I honestly thought that Rebecca or Maria would've told you... Forgive me? *kisses her forehead before letting go to give Riza some space. Walks over to sit on a nearby rock that's next to the pond that's by the tree*


Riza: You should have talked to Grandpa at least... Rebecca and Maria will hear me once I get back at work. I bet, though that it's Rebecca and Havoc who have organized this... then Grandpa joined in...then all the others, including Maes. But, it's so...irresponsible of them... they should be helping you in all this, not being an obstacle.


Roy: Well, it's kinda hard to speak freely around your grandfather - as most of our 'talking' is done in code and through our chess games... I have Fuery monitoring the pools everyday - that's why he's on the comm during that's when everyone's usually talking.


Riza: I won't accept anything so trivial stand in your way. Definitely. They'll hear me once I'm back.


(inside the house)

Vanessa (while petting Hayate): Let them be pup, it's something related to their work and I wouldn't want to interfere if I were you. *Lets go of Hayate, gets up from her chair and proceeds to go outside into the bushes and spies on the pair. Is joined by Camille after a short while*


Taro (resigned): You two are hopeless... *looks over at Madame Christmas and gives her a tired smile*


(outside by the pond and tree)

Riza: Probably Kain is the only one not betting in this stupid thing. What seriously bugs me is that you didn't tell me...


Roy: To be honest... I didn't want you to get hurt nor did I want your career in jeopardy either...

I'm not going to let that happen - I'd rather give up my dream than shatter yours... You deserve so much - more than I think I can give you - but I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe... You're my Queen and are easily one of the most important pieces in my life.


Riza: *smiles to herself while glancing over at Roy* You've already given me more than enough. Roy, I couldn’t care less about my career, what is important in this case, is that yours isn't in danger. There's too much at stake, you know that. Your dream is my dream after all. The King is the one that needs to be the winner at the end of the game.


Roy: *stares at the ripples in the water to avoid her gaze* ...But I can't, nor will I make it without you... I need you. I want you. I have to have you in my life to make our dreams come true.


Riza: *smiles slightly* That's why I hate that sort of behaviour from the people around us. From those close to us. It's not like they don't know.


Roy: ...No... I hate having to hide, it's not fair to me nor is it fair to you... But what kills me even more is what would happen if we were able to be open about everything...everyone with a thing against me would try to get to you... I made the mistake of leaving you once, but I'm sure as hell not going to make that mistake ever again. *Gets up from rock and wades a little into the water of the pond. Picks up a few rocks and begins to skip them across the water*


Riza: *turns to fully look at him* I know. That's why everything needs to be as discreet as possible... we've always been like that after all. And they all need to understand this. I trust them... but I don't trust the rest of the military.


Roy: Yeah...


Riza: *smiles* I'm not angry at you though... *walks over to the pond, raises her skirt slightly and wades inside, leaving the shoes at the edge* I'm just angry at how superficial they can be sometimes... I don't want a stupid bet compromise what we have. *moves behind him and circles her arms around him, resting her head against his back*


Roy: *smiles before turning around to embrace her properly* Thanks and really, I never meant to hurt you. *rubs Riza's back* No, we're not gonna let this stupid thing beat us... Though granted, if they only knew how long we've really been together...


Riza: I know you didn't... sorry for the outburst... *kisses him, then smiles* That is something they would never guess. *chuckles lightly* No one would ever guess.


Roy: No... *slips fingers under Riza's dress collar and pulls out a silver chain that has not only Riza and Roy's dogtags, but also a small ring. Holds up the ring so that only they can see it* And they never will...


Riza: Maybe one day they will... everyone would know... but not now... it's too dangerous. And I don't want to risk, anything. Especially you. *her gaze turns towards the ring* You know I've never taken that off, don't you?


Roy: *reaches into his shirt to pull out a similar silver chain with dogtags and a ring attached, smiling at Riza the entire time* What do you think...? *leans forward for a kiss*


Riza: *smiles and whispers* And no one can know about that... we'll eventually need one on our left hand though, you know? *giggles lightly again, then moves her head slightly forward to kiss him*


Roy: *kisses her* Someday, my love, someday... *laughs* This is easily one of the longest engagements in history, wouldn't you agree?


Riza: *laughs* Indeed, a record-breaker I must say. *whispers, while giving him a quick kiss on his lips* Never stopped loving you since the very first day...


Roy: Yep...going on ten years now... *kisses her forehead* Me neither... *lets go of Riza and bends down to reach for something in the water - dots Riza's nose with a bit of mud before grinning at her* Nope, I'll never forget...



Roy_Riza_Hug_Ep 59
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