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Save me from the darkness
Following yesterday's opening of the dances, here comes the next chapter.  Hope you like! 

Title: 2.0 Hiding place
Author/Artist: amestris_star  &  [info]auron_kale 
Rating: PG; might go up for future chapters
Warnings: Alternate Reality (i.e. Maes is still alive; Jean is up and running...) and 101% PURE ROYAI
Summary: Day to day office running of the Colonel and the Lieutenant leads to more than they had originally thought about...
(NB: Disclaimer and Authors' Note under the cut!)

A big thank you to Kale once again.  I'm going to thank you each time I post a new chapter, have patience with me :P


2.0 Hiding place


Riza: Sir, have you snuck out to your usual place? You've suddenly disappeared... mmmh…


Roy: You mean my usual place of hiding under my desk...maybe. *winks*


Maes: *storms inside the office* YOU HIDE WHERE? AHAHAHAH I KNEW IT!


Riza: Lieutenant Colonel, please... *sighs* I sincerely hope he doesn't do that.


Roy: ...It's a rather large desk... And shut up Hughes! You're just jealous that at least I can hide under my desk... *mumbles* Well, technically two people can fit under the desk...


Riza: Oh God not... that...


Maes: AHAHAHHAHAAHA! Oh I know what you use it for, don't worry. *grins*


Riza: *gives Maes a death glare* I don't even want to know what are thinking right now Lt. Colonel.  Really.


Roy: Lieutenant, there are things that go on in Hughes' mind that no one ever wants to know... *gives Hughes another death glare* Don't gimme that desk is my quiet place. If I were to use the desk for more clandestine operations, it wouldn't be under the desk, now would it?! *slowly realizes how bad that sounded* …


Riza: *gets up from her desk* I really, don't want to know what the two of you are thinking *glares at the Colonel and rushes out*


Maes: *giggles* That... my friend... was some comment! *laughs* I love the way that sounded

*continues laughing*


Roy: *watches as Hawkeye leaves then glares at Hughes again*  Oh shut up Maes!


Maes: Shut up? No. Way. That was brilliant... and totally shows what's passing through your mind

*laughs* Don't look at me like that Roy, you know I'm joking.


Roy: *eyebrow twitches*  ...I'm so sure you are... *jumps up and points at Hughes* And stop plotting on trying to get me married off by the end of this week! We've been going through this ever since I hired Ri-Hawkeye as my personal aide...


Maes: Of course!  Roy, you've known her since God knows when... now you have her as your aide... what the hell do you expect me to do... and you two are so darn obvious... At least to me anyway.  However, who me? Trying to get you married? *whistles* And... *whispers* Don't call her Riza in public... *bursts out laughing*


Roy: Y'know Maes, you may be the closest thing I have to a big brother...but I swear to God you are so aggravating sometimes...


Maes: Yup! *laughs* I'm here to brighten up your day Roy! *remembers the photos he has in his

pocket*  Oh! I've got something I need to show you! *places all the photos on his desk* Isn't she the most adorable cutie ever?


Roy: *stares at the pictures in disbelief* Where do you keep all of these pictures?! How can one man possibly carry around so many freakin' pictures? I know you call me an alchemy freak every now and then, but seriously?! Are you a part Kangaroo Chimera because I don't know where you store all these photos...


Maes: A Kangaroo what? *laughs* You'll understand what I mean when you have kids. And yes... you are an alchemy freak. *grins and ruffles Roy’s hair* Oh by the way *looks at Hayate biting his leg* You should go see where she is. She was pretty angry...


Roy: *sets Hayate down and smacks the back of Hughes' head*  Shut up Maes! *walks out of the office in search of Hawkeye* Fuery, please take Hayate for his walk. Havoc, NO SMOKING IN THE OFFICE! Breda, I swear if I see one drop of mustard on that report...Fal-hmm, guess he went down to Records...I'm gonna go find Hawkeye... methinks I need to grovel a bit...


Maes: Ok Ok *laughs* See you later!


Kain: Yes sir! Black Hayate, come here!


Jean: I wasn't smoking in the office, chief, I swear!


Heymans: No mustard... *continues eating* promise!


Jean: Falman went to the Library sir... something wrong? *notices that Mustang’s already gone* Nevermind…


Roy: *walks over to the firing range* Ri-Lieutenant? Are you alright? Look-I'm really sorry about that-back there...


Riza: *continues shooting* I'm fine. Nothing to worry about, sir. *hits another target*


Roy: *continues to watch her shoot*  ...are you sure? *looks around and sees no one* No one's here but us at the moment... C'mon, you can tell me...


Riza: Yes I'm sure of it, sir. *hits the target straight at bull’s-eye*  I don't have anything more to add I suppose. *takes aim again*


Roy: *places hand over her gun to lower it* C'mon Riza, talk to me. It's still me, y'know the same boy that you pushed into a pond because I took your slingshot...


Riza: I wouldn't want Rebecca to come and see you like that.  And of all things... you had to remind me that, did you? You've given me the urge to shoot you *small laugh*  Don't worry I'm fine, really. Let go of the gun now. *hears Rebecca's voice*


Rebecca: HEY RIZA ARE YOU HE- *raises eyebrow* Oh look, it's the Colonel…


Roy: *jumps back slightly as Rebecca gets closer* See? *grins* We've been friends forever...and

you've always had that desire to shoot me - ever since we were kids! *laughs and smiles at Hawkeye*


Riza: *smiles back* Yes I suppose... now, get back to the office sir, I'll be back later. You need to finish your work.


Rebecca: Are you Ok Riza? You generally use the rifle when you're pissed off... *points at the Colonel* Did he do something to you?


Roy: *smirks and starts to move away* Yes, ma'am. *looks at Rebecca & holds hands up in

surrender* I swear I didn't do anything this time! Why does everyone assume I'm always the cause of something...


Riza: *grins* See you later sir.


Rebecca: You sure he did nothing? I don't really tr-


Riza: Ah Rebecca don't start with the 'I don't trust Mustang' story again... If you don't trust him, you don't trust me then... *shoots* I really can't get that from you, it's not like he did you anything wrong or something after all *shoots again*    


Rebecca: Uhm... right... I'm sorry... if you say so then...


Riza: I really don't know why you act like this each time you see him, especially when talking to me. *continues shooting*


Rebecca: *laughs* Instinct? I can't restrain myself from commenting.


Riza: *sighs* You won't change...


Rebecca: *after finishing her training* I definitely wouldn't want to have a fight with you *laughs*


Riza: No you wouldn't... I think I'm off to have a shower, and then I'll be back at the office to continue some work.


Rebecca: Mmhh, right, that sounds just like you. I'll be staying here some more then. See you.


Riza: *waves and heads back to the office*


Roy: *sitting at his desk, quietly working* Hmm... *reaches for the phone* Yes, I'd like to place an would be preferable...okay-nothing too showy-ye-yes, that's-no, do you have them in white? You do? Great! Oh-yeah, no need-I'll pick them up myself. I can be there in an hour-THANK YOU SO MUCH! *hangs up phone. Sometime later, he places a small bouquet of flowers on Hawkeye's desk as well as box full of her favorite teas* Hope she likes them...


Riza: *and heads back to the office. Opens the door and notices something on the desk* You shouldn't have. *smiles* Plus, have the boys seen this? *sits down*


Roy: Nah... they're all in the Cafeteria. I think some new guy wanted to challenge Breda to an eating contest... at least, that's what I think I heard when I was heading back to the office.


Riza: I think Breda should concentrate on other things, rather than eating. A chess contest would be more... intellectually stimulating. *looks at the flowers* Thank you for these, they're lovely. *gets back on her feet* Want some tea, sir?


Roy: *starts to pack up his stuff* I'll see you later Lieutenant. Madame Christmas has been complaining that I haven't stopped by in a rather long while, so I thought I'd check in with her. Also, please remind Hayate to stop gnawing on my chair... I'm rather fond of it.


Riza: Say hi to the girls for me *laughs* You know, I think they pamper you too much, sir. And send my regards to Madame too... I need to go and say hi myself one of these evenings I suppose.

Oh, Hayate... He should be gnawing on your leg, not on the chair *grins*


Roy: Thank you for the offer, Lieutenant, but I'd best be going before Madame Christmas starts nagging me some more to stop by. *laughs* See you in a bit, Elizabeth.



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Jun. 12th, 2009 09:58 am (UTC)
Lieutenant, there are things that go on in Hughes' mind that no one ever wants to know... I don't think I'll ever recover from that line...I won't be able to silence the thoughts of what does go on in his mind.

Hughes whispering to Roy not to call her Riza in public...I can see that animated so well XD
Jun. 13th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
Glad you're enjoying :)
Kale came up with that line, it's hilarious <3
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